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I’m a faculty member in the Information Technology (IT) Program at the Davis Applied Technology College (DATC).


I’m passionate about DATC and what we do here: We assist our students into careers … DATC IT students get a quality IT education that puts them to work in the IT industry, and launches their IT career. Our students get jobs — in their area of study.  What they don’t get is student debt!  We live our school’s motto: “We change lives“!

The truth is very few schools do what we do here at the DATC.   Higher education is very competitive. There is strong competition for students, faculty, and above all, funding and donors. But it seems that few colleges compete by trying to provide higher quality and lower cost. For just under $3000, our IT students get a quality IT education for around that puts them into a job in Information Technology.

My current areas of professional interests include: Infrastructure, Storage, Networking, Telecom, Internet Technologies, and Digital Government/eGov, Capability-Maturity Models, Information Assurance/Security & Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity (DR/BC) and of course, the success of my students.

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