ITEC-0000: Information Technology Orientation

Course Overview:

This is a two hour introductory lecture that provides an overview of the DATC IT Program and strategies and procedures for successfully completing the IT Program. Students will gain an understanding the program, classroom procedures, and practical day to day project management techniques to ensure that they finish each course (project) on time and on budget while completing the IT Program (a group of projects, which form a program). This orientation course is a prerequisite to admission into the DATC IT Program.

Course Reflection:

“Two hours of your life you will never get back” … or so I tell my students when I begin this lecture. ¬†Unfortunately, for some of my students this is most certainly the case. ¬†Happily, the vast majority of my students pay close attention, take a few notes, and most importantly embrace the strategies and techniques for success presented.


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