ITEC-1100: Introduction to Information Technology

Course Overview:

This course is intended for students interested in pursuing a career in the field of Information Technology. The course expects that incoming students are already computer and Internet literate, as well as, adept at utilizing popular software packages for word processing, spreadsheet development, presentations in a Windows desktop environment.

Topics include an overview of the fundamentals of information technology, specializations and career paths, current and emerging technologies, business applications, communications and decision making, and the impact of these systems on business, government, and society. This course introduces and emphasizes solid project management skill required to deliver coursework at the DATC in a predictable “on-time” manner and how these skills can be utilized in the work place to deliver projects on-time and on-budget. The final project for this course required me to review the requirements from over 24 current job postings, determine the competencies and skills I would need to acquire to successfully land an IT job, and finally develop a “project plan” for completing my studies at DATC in order that I might apply for and get just such a job.

Course Reflection:

Incoming students are required to pass computer literacy entrance exams prior to acceptance into the DATC IT program.  So, the word ‘introduction’ in the course title is somewhat misleading … This course is demanding and a whole lot of work.  At the outset, most students have some knowledge of the topics covered in the course, but most quick say something like: “Some of the stuff I already knew…a lot of stuff I thought I knew, but I understand a lot better and deeper now”.

I think one of the key competencies that students can gain through this course is the project management discipline skills of scheduling and work breakdown.  Students are required with in our curriculum to create course timelines listing the courses milestones and deliverables that help the student to ensure that they complete course modules (milestones) within scheduled duration intervals.  These timelines also require student to break their deliverables (chapters and assignments) in to smaller components with estimates in terms of time, activity, and resources required.  Students are held accountable to meet these timelines while producing quality deliverables consistent with DATC’s hands-on, competency-based training standards.

The final project for this course requires students produce a written plan to utilize their time at the DATC well; defined as, successfully completing the IT Program on-time and on-budget with the coursework and skills to land a position in the IT industry. The plan includes some thought exercise that requires students to look beyond their first job towards a career path as well as consider the need for life long learning and future formal education.

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