ITEC-1021: Web Development Fundamentals

Course Overview:

This course provides students experience developing HTML5 Web pages utilizing Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) in a text editor and a GUI interface. In addition, students study the basics of using JavaScript and Document Object Model (DOM). Students complete a significant case study; develop a static HTML 5 / CSS 3 website on a topic of their choice; and create a personal ePortfolio using WordPress.

Course Reflection:

Students are required to fully understand and implement webpage authoring fundamentals using the majority of HTML 5 tags in a functional coding format to create working websites in both HTML 5 / CSS 3 and the WordPress content management platform. This is not only a hands-on web coding course; students must also demonstrate competence in the ability to upload and publish a websites to common web-hosting platforms tools such as FTP and C-Panel. Some students have been hired a webmasters or web developers directly after completing this course.

Student e-Portfolio Examples:

These are some representative samples of the kinds of ePortfolios currently being maintained by some of my students.  They vary a lot in creativity and content, but give you an idea of the kinds of things that ITEC 1021 students are doing.